Hillbilly Bees sells strong and healthy nucleus bee colonies. Our nuc bee colonies come with a queen bee and bees in all stages of life. Nucs become production bee hives very easily. Buying our nucs is the best way to start a new bee hive that produces honey. Nucleus colonies sell out fast so it's best to order your bees early!

We do local pollination on some fruit trees and melons. Hillbilly Bees has the perfect location for bee and honey production. If you are close to our area, we can discuss your pollination needs. If you are looking for bee colonies for sale, give Hillbilly Bees a call today to find out how we can help you start a new strong and thriving bee colony. We want your bee colony to thrive and succeed so please reach out to us for any questions or advice. We are always willing to help beekeepers become successful. Hillbilly Bees is located in the northern Arkansas area in Salem, Arkansas.